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Legal, legitimate, lawful, acceptable, etc. are the words everyone is familiar with. Every person in his/her own right is trying to do legal, legitimate and lawful work, become acceptable for everyone and want to be known and associate with everything that is rightful. The reason being simple, doing something that is legal/lawful increases acceptability among the masses.

HALAL also denotes the same qualities/meanings that the words mentioned above carries with them. The only difference is that HALAL originates from the religion of ISLAM and carries application in every sphere of our daily lives. Be it buying or selling or investments or earnings or foods or beverages or cosmetics or medicines or any other activity that is described or attributed to human actions.

Unlike general views and perceptions, the benefits are not limited to muslim societies or communities or countries but encompass anyone without any discrimination of religion, colour or creed.

The word Halal has now taken global significance and today “Halal” stands for Quality, Transparency, Ethics and Standards. It can be gauged from the fact that Global Halal Market is growing at an exponential rate. We strive to bring more halal solutions for everyone and play a humble role in creating awareness and understanding among the masses regarding what halal is and how it plays an important role in our daily lives.

In the modern world, the growth of economies, preservation of sustainable environmental practices and formation of synergies have taken precedence. We stand apart in the global community as leader for a unique healthy way of life through the highest Ethical Business Practices with the model way of conducting business facilitating positive development and upholding these traditions and  practices that is totally unique in our world.


Halal Alternative Solutions (HAS) is an advisory, consultancy and business & trading platform offering/providing halal solutions for energy, banking, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals & medicine, water, cosmetics, production, trading, manufacturing and business sectors. We promote products and services that are “green” environment friendly, proven and patent to provide long term benefits to individuals, communities and companies worldwide.

HAS stand today as an entity that wants to see muslim community prosper along with other communities and celebrate having the oldest certifications standard for the highest quality product on today's market. A practice that one up holds to ensure future generations can be leaders having the highest quality of life style in the world.

HAS stand today as a global leader, bringing solutions for cleaner air & water, renewable energy and improved health with new, innovative halal-certified technologies. HAS team of experts are trained to properly analyze and examine new products, work directly with Shariah Advisory Council to ensure each new product receives proper halal certification.

As a result, HAS is now introducing new value-added products that have exceptional economic and environmental benefits for consumers in many important industries and areas of day-to-day life.

Halal carries application in every sphere of our daily lives. HAS's halal certified products are meant to raise ethical business practices worldwide, with customers not limited to Muslim societies, communities or countries. Through today's rapidly changing times now buyers, sellers or investors can adhere to the highest standards of Business Practices, based on HAS's adoption of halal scriptures written throughout the Quran.

Consumers and Producer Benefits:

  • HAS's Halal Certification ensures a high level of hygiene, cleanliness, safety, nutrition and is produced stringently under the requirements of the Islamic Dietary Law. HAS certified products are thus edible, drinkable or usable by Muslims and others, as well as guaranteed to be free from any harmful or doubtful ingredients to consumers worldwide.
  • Global Halal Market size has exceeded US$ 4.0 trillion that includes food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries and Islamic Banking.

Corporate Lawyers

Mian Javed Jalal, Advocate Supreme Court
Mian Javed Jalal & Associates


Faysal Bank Limited, Leads Centre, Main Boulevard Gulberg
Lahore, Pakistan

Al-Baraka Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited, Shadman Branch
Lahore Pakistan

Tax & Financial Consultants

Uzair Hammad Faisal & Co.
Chartered Accountants

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